3 types of insurance that all summer camps need to have


Putting on a summer camp this year? Great! Congratulations, you are going to give great memories to a lot of excited kids and teens – after all, doesn’t band campeveryone have the best stories from “that one time” at summer camp?

Before kicking off camp, there are a lot of things that need to be done – hiring counselors, planning daytime activities, purchasing food and snacks, and finding the right insurance. Just like choosing what types of food to purchase, there are a lot of insurance policies out there and it takes a bit of research to find the insurance coverage that make the most sense for your summer camp.

Here are 3 types of insurance to consider for your camp this summer:

  1.  General liability policy: This policy will provide coverage for any bodily injury that happens to someone that is injured on the camp premises. Without it, the camp will be held liable for any medical costs or pain and suffering charges.
  2. Property liability: This policy covers any property damage caused to a 3rd party by you, your camp employees or your camp operations. This coverage will pay the medical expenses of those injured on your property. Sometimes, these policies will exclude campers, so be sure to check with your insurance agent as to what is or isn’t included.
  3. Business owners insurance policy: This is the best asset to a camp, it’s coverage includes replacing your income if camp operations are interrupted for a covered loss and includes paying wages to employees in addition to other operating expenses. This policy will also cover cars, buses or other camp vehicles that are used for business purposes, plus workers compensation which provides coverage for your employees if they are injured, become ill or die because of a work related activities.

Before purchasing any insurance plans for your camp, be sure to talk to your agent to help you figure out what you need and if there are any holes in your insurance coverage that need to be filled with additional policies. Running a camp is fun, rewarding and takes a lot of work – don’t skimp on insurance and risk ruining all the hours of effort from you and your camp team.

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