Our Core Values

Here at Golden Rule Insurance, our culture is based on the vision of people first. Our core values are the root of that culture and what makes our agency one of a kind. We use our core values to build our team of like-minded individuals who strive to provide our clients with the very best insurance and services.


Golden Rule Values

Problem Solver

We combine innovative and creative thinking to solve problems quickly and effectively for our clients and the team. Each of our team members is responsible for finding the root of the issue, determining possible contributing circumstances and resolving conflict.

People Over Profit

We put people first and making money second. This applies to both our clients as well as our staff. Our independent insurance agency puts the needs of the people above all else whenever possible.

Professional Team Player

At Golden Rule Insurance, alignment is the key to our company's success. There is no "I" in our team. We lay out a strategic plan and work closely together towards the same goals.

Personal Responsibility

We believe that accountability drives businesses. When someone makes a mistake (which we all do), they own it and LEARN FROM IT. No excuses, only reasons.

Personal and Professional Development

We are always looking to improve both in our personal and professional lives. We are humble learners and we firmly believe we can always be better at everything we do.

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The Roots of Our Business

At Golden Rule Insurance, we have a strongly entrenched core value system that allows us to guide employee actions and make the right decisions for our clients. We cultivate an appreciation of our core values in each team member to create a strong foundation for whatever challenges the future may hold.

From getting started with basic protection plans to building funds with investment-linked products, our independent insurance agency can help you achieve financial security at different stages of your life.

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