Boat-Towing Insurance


lake at sunsetHave you had the chance to get out on the lake this summer?

Summer is now on the wane but it’s not too late to get out, relax with a cocktail, catch some sun, cast a line, or get in the water.

But before you hit the lake, be sure you have the right kind of coverage for your boat, even for small accidents like running out of fuel.

Unfortunately, boat accidents are more common than you’d think. Thankfully, this is where boat-towing insurance comes into play.

What is boat-towing insurance?

Boat-towing insurance is an add-on policy to your boat coverage that will cover various scenarios when your boat needs to be transported. Depending on your insurance company, you can typically buy basic coverage, or increase your coverage for greater distances.

There are two types of boat-towing insurance to consider:

  1. On-road towing: This covers the costs of towing if you have a problem while trailering your boat on the road. On-road towing is sometimes covered in a standard auto insurance policy, but be sure to check the fine print of your policy to double-check. If your auto insurance doesn’t cover boat-towing and you’re involved in an accident, you could face some major costs to have another company move your vessel.
  2. On-water towing: This covers the costs of towing if you have a problem on the water and need your boat towed in to shore. On-water towing will cover the hauling of your boat to a service area if it is stuck, runs out of gas or is in an accident.

Protect your boat 

While you may be an experienced boater with a perfect track record, there are many other boaters on the water and on the road who aren’t as safe. You can’t predict the actions of other people, nor predict a mechanical failure on your boat that could leave you stranded in a busy waterway.

The only real solution to prepare yourself for this potential scenario is to make sure you are protected with the right boat-towing insurance. The right insurance gives you a plan, saves you time, money, and peace of mind allowing you to fully embrace your time spent on the water.

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