Why Do We Use Fireworks on Fourth of July? (Plus Tips to Use Them Safely)

american flag with sparklers

Did you know, the very first celebration of Independence Day was in 1777? That was years before Americans even knew they would survive the war. Fireworks came into the picture to give people a glimpse of hope, to give them a little light in a dark time and encourage them to stay faithful that they would one day would be their own nation.

It seemed to only make sense in 1789 to celebrate George Washington’s inauguration with a beautiful and bright fireworks display. The Americans had succeeded!  Since then, fireworks have been used to celebrate holidays and large events all over the country.

Celebrate safely this year

The techniques and products used to create and shoot-off fireworks have changed drastically over the years – today it’s possible to have a show that lights up the sky in the privacy of your own backyard – but the one thing that has remained the same about fireworks over the past hundreds of years is the fact that they can be very unsafe.

According to the Consumer Product Safety commission, in the weeks around the Fourth of July an average of 200 people A DAY go to the emergency room with firework related injuries. Don’t be part of the average this year!

Take note of these few safety tips and have a fun and injury free Fourth of July celebration!

  1. NEVER allow young children to handle or use fireworks. Even teenagers should be closely supervised.
  2. Fireworks belong outside, never light them off indoors.
  3. Always have a bucket of water or a hose close by in case a fire erupts
  4. Read the caution label before setting the firework off – it have have safety instructions specific to that firework
  5. If fireworks aren’t legal where you live… don’t use them! Leave lighting up the sky to the professionals and enjoy the show at a park or from the comfort of your backyard.

Fireworks are an American tradition. The beautiful displays in the sky remind us to celebrate our victories and looks forward to the future. Celebrate America safely this year and follow these simple safety tips.

Do you have any Fourth of July tips or fireworks stories? Share in the comment section below!


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