Love It or Hate It, It’s Coming: Summer Road Construction


Nothing puts an end to the excitement of a family vacation or a road trip with friends like a gridlock traffic jam. Smiles fade, boredom sets in and conversations slowly stall to a halt once those orange cones and flashing “ROAD CONSTRUCTION” signs come into view. While reactions like this to road construction can be found pretty much in every car, there are ways to beat the road construction blues this summer and enjoy the trip.

Here are 3 tips to beat road construction this summer:

#1: Stay Informed

Most of the frustration with road construction occurs because you simply don’t expect it. To avoid this frustration, do some research! Stay on top of any potential road construction conditions that maybe  along your route. To do this, visit MoDOT or any state’s Department of Transportation website. This way you can plan an alternate route or just mentally prepare for a delay.

Also, look at your local city websites and major attraction websites as they often post current travel information for potential visitors. Don’t wait on your iPhone or Android’s navigation services to warn you, because it will be too late.

#2:  Road Construction is Good!

The one thing most people hate more than being stuck in road construction is a road in terrible shape. Do you ever recall cruising down a highway and hitting potholes every 5-10 seconds? What about that huge pothole or uneven road in your neighborhood?

One way to beat road construction this summer, is to remember that it is for the better of your community! Most cities offer opportunities to send in bad road condition complaints online or on the phone so you can be an advocate for your community and help improve the roads.

#3:  Stay Positive and Think About Safety

Road construction workers take pride in their job. They understand that orange cones and blocked lanes means slow traffic, but they know that their job keeps the road safe for you, your family and your vehicle. Keep this in mind next time you feel a fury of road rage come on while sitting in construction traffic. A positive outlook at these changes helps keep your mind at ease and also keeps the construction workers safe as you drive.

Just Remember, Road Construction is Good!

All in all, don’t let summer road construction get you down this year. Remember  to plan ahead, stay calm and that the workers on the road are there to keep you safe, so do your best to keep them safe as well.

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